Geneva - In Memoriam Clay Regazzoni Exhibition, 2011, March 15th to 26th. With the 1974 Nürburgring Ferrari, Tecno F2 and F3, Honda S600 and Austin Healey 1963.

Ferrari 312 1974 Winner Car Nürburgring' Grand Prix of Europa

Honda S600 1965, Ferrari F1, Austrin Sprite 1959

March F2 1979, Tecno F1 1970

Centro S. Antonino TI, 1.-12.9.2009


Honda S600, Ferrari F1 1974, Tecno F2 1970.
Background: Willy Richard's Clay Regazzoni Arts (see the Link on the left side "Arts")

Clay Regazzoni Ausstellung/Exhibition, watch the short film here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nvu3Rlcz7bs

Ferrari F1 1974

With this March 782 F2 Clay Regazzoni made one race in Switzerland, the famous Bergrennen Hemberg in 1979. Right, Mini Cooper 1961.

Ferrari F1, Tecno F2, March F2, Honda S600, Mini Cooper S

Willy Richard's Arts, 12 tableaux