1963 - Course de côte du Marchairuz, close Lausanne, in the Canton Vaud, one of the appointments of the Swiss Hill Climbing Championship who disappeared in this last few years. It was the first or second race of Clay Regazzoni, driving his small Austrin Sprite 950 cm3 and racing in the Gran Turismo category because of a few modifications he made on his car. Prestigious opponents: Mercedes, Jaguars, Porsche, Triumph....

As you may see looking the chronos, Clay was forced to be last. Watch Grand Tourisme ob the bottom.

1967 - Formula 3 Team European Championship, Hockenheim - Clay Regazzoni wins together with Silvio Moser

1968 - Formula 3 Team European Championship, Hockenheim - Swiss Team wins with Clay Regazzoni, Jürg Dubler and Roland Salomon.

1968 - Classification of the first race in the Temporada Argentina with Formuzla 2 cars.


Ferrari published a nice book over the last three succesfull years at the end of 1970 season and put Clay Regazzoni on the cover. We see him here at the Austrian Grand Prix in Zeltweg, ahead of Jacky Ickx, Jochen Rindt and Ignazio Giunti

Clays friends since his first step in motorsports, Gian Paolo "Pablo" Foletti and Piergiorgio Morandi, started 1969 with the yearly edition of La Stagione Automobilistica, the world real first existing book with all results over all important championships. Here the cover 1970.

Two pages from La Stagione Automobilistica 1970 with the report over Clay first win in Formula 1, the italian Grand Prix at Monza. Let do Memorabilia.

Hitchkock-Finale beim letzten Rennen der Formel-2-EM in Hockenheim zwischen Clay Regazzoni und dem Oesterreicher Dieter Quester. Die Sequenz ihres Crash eingangs Motodrom in der allerletzten Runde ist unter Carriera nachzusehen. Aber lesen wir bei Dieter Quester him self, in seinem Buch, nach, wie das damals war.


Tele, swiss TV program weekly.

1971 - Poster of German Formula 2 Eifelrennen at the Nürburgring with Clay ahead of François Ceverft, both in their works Tecno Formula 2 from the season before



The Swiss drink Rivella is starting advertisings with Clay Regazzoni.


This autograph card from 1972 is like a legend. Clay with helmet and Ferrari overall and the sponsor Astor.

Clay's Kyalami 1973 accident on a play card.

1973 - Esposauto was the racing car show which was organised every two years in Luganos Padiglione Conza since 1967 thru Silvio Moser, Aldo Pessina, Gian Paolo Foletti and Clay Regazzoni. Here in the pic from left: Tonino Nicodemi, a great donator and sponsor of Silvio Moser, Gian Paolo Foletti interviewing Nanni Galli and Clay Regazzoni.

1974 - Monthly magazine Illustrazione Ticinese which is published in Clay's home town Lugano

The italian weekly Autosprint create the Club and put Clay on their member cards, in the pic ahead of a Matra Simca.

1974 - Another game card with Clay

Goodyear AD with Clay


Italian Youth weekly Magazine Intrepido

1976 - Game card


1977 - Game card with Shadow

1978 - Game card with Ensign

Clay Regazzoni's books: E' questione di cuore ("My hearth says") and E la corsa continua ("The Race goes on").


Clay Regazzoni wrote the book E' questione di cuore together with Cesare De Agostini. The feench edition is Le Combat.

1987 - Clay Regazzoni with Start Number 1  at the VIP-Kart-Grand-Prix of Wohlen close to Zurich Switzerland. It was Giorgio Keller's idea to build for him a gokart with full hands commands. It was the start of Clay's second race career.


Clay Regazzoni's second book, E la corsa continua - The race goes on

1989 - Clay Regazzoni is 50 years old.

1999 Ten years later. Clay is almost 60.

Neuer Absatz

2000 - Sportsman of the Century in Ticino


2006 - Clay Regazzoni's last appearence in Switzerland before he passed over. September 2006 at Christian Brunner's Event for Life, the Hittnau Classic. Here we see Clay with the event speaker Elio Crestani.


2009 - This monumental paint of Clay is by Race Inn in Roggwil BE, close Langenthal, between Berne and Zurich. Race Inn ist the biggest Indoor Kart in Switzerland and also you could see there - additional to an immense kids parc - the private collection of Marc Surer's cars (Arrows F2, March F2, BMW M1, his kart and his first formula) and different other, like Sauber F1 and prototype for example, a Special of Jo Siffert+ and Herbert Müller+. Deus machina behind Race Inn is Peter Dätwyler. If you gonna Roggwil once, you will not be disappointed!

2010 - Swiss Editor Jean Marie Wyder is publising since few years a book collection (already 5 issues) called Les Susses au Mans, means Swiss drivers racing at Le Mans 24 Hours. Here a small contribute about Clay's unique participation in Le Mans 1970. Informations about Wyder's eccellent books by jmwyder@hotmail.com

2012 - This is Francesco Liberto, called Ciccio, the famous shoemaker in Cefalù, Sicily, who has made various racing driver shoes for all champions in the last 40 years. He turns 77 in February 2013. Ciccio is still working and managing his small shop in Cefalù along Lungomare. He is very proud to show us two Clay Regazzoni shoes: green and white from 1979 (by green and white williams car) and red from 1973 when Clay was at the Targa Florio with Alfa Romeo (red car).